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So if Facebook's dating feature isn't massive, why keep it around?

In response to these questions, a Facebook spokesperson sent a statement over email saying that the platform is designed to help people find “meaningful relationships” and that they're “excited about how it's performing and the feedback we've been getting from people who have found love through the platform.”

Zuckerberg suggested during its earnings call that Facebook Dating could eventually become a driving force for why people return to the app and engage with it

In the year and a half since its rollout in the States, Facebook Dating has now made its way to other parts of the world, including, most recently, to 32 European countries in addition to the 20 it's already in. The company also appears to have a deeper interest in augmenting the dating experience. Just this week, The Verge reported on an experimental Facebook app called Sparked, which sets users up on four-minute video speed dates. If Facebook Dating itself isn't the eventual successful product, maybe there will be other options.

Analysts like Daniel Salmon at BMO Capital Markets are mostly concerned with Facebook revenue, though. That could easily change, however, depending on how many people start forking over their data in order to meet the love of their life.

“Any data that Facebook is getting on their audience enriches their profiles for ad targeting anywhere across their portfolios,” he says. “Any engagement is good engagement because any engagement creates data, and that can be used to improve the ad platform, even if you don't have ads sitting there in front of people who are looking for dates.”

Because the company hasn't built advertising into Dating or started charging for add-on functionality, the feature isn't at a point where Salmon sees it as a meaningful part of the business

Idk why but I get infuriated every time Facebook Dating tries to recruit me.