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First, well, it does involve oral sex — a lot of it

Beyond just the cool points you get for engaging in an infamous sex position with an outsize reputation, what are the actual benefits of 69ing?

So unless you specifically hate oral, youre likely to enjoy yourself at least a little bit. But OReilly notes that, in its two-for-the-price-of-one ethos, it actually benefits people in a hurry, too.

“Its efficient,” she says. “You give and receive simultaneously, so if youre short on time or looking for a quickie, it may be your best bet. It can be hot to give pleasure while youre receiving it, too. You might experience feelings of empowerment in getting your partner off while they do the same for you.”

So if youre someone who feels uncomfortable with traditional oral sex - either giving or receiving - because it feels like too much pressure, 69ing, which is less orgasm-focused and more reciprocal, might be just what you need. As well, since your torsos are aligned, it can feel more intimate than traditional oral sex positions, where partners are often less physically connected.