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But any new disruption in the dating industry will come from new hardware or a new device

It seems like it's a lot of work but because it's the same technological stack and the same team working on it, it's actually only 10% more work to add one app to the portfolio for our tech team.

For our e manner, they try to allocate the work per channel and per vertical. So we are going to take the person responsible for performance marketing, now instead of just managing Once you have to do it for Once Again. For them, yes they need to be a bit more organised and they need to be a bit more rigorous, but once you have the structure in place it's not that much work to actually spend the marketing budget on different brands.”

Where do you think the online dating industry is headed, and what trends do you expect to see emerging before the end of the year?

JM: “The thing is I spend most of my time trying to understand how can we develop new brands and a new network of apps, and probably less time about what is going to be the next big thing.

If you look at previous disruption, first it was the internet and you had Match, that was the first disruption in the dating world. If we stay with this current device in terms of user experience, we're probably going to get something that leans towards more like what mobile does best, which is videos and geo-location.

I'm thinking about apps that localise you everywhere you go, something probably like happn but with video interaction. An enhanced experience of what we have right today. More localised so you can hookup with your neighbour if you're on a hookup app, or a better experience of what a profile can be. Basically something that goes a bit further than what Tinder is doing with the Loop videos.